Getting Started the Right Way

Many people love to run and feel the freedom and the effects of the endorphins that come along with it. With Spring on the horizon, many have made commitments to getting in shape and getting on the road again. While this is a great idea, making good training decisions is very important. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting started the right way.

1) Get fitted for a good pair of shoes that work best for you! Even if I were not in the business I would recommend this as the first step. Those old Nikes that you have under the bed that are 2, 3, or 5 years old are not going to feel the same as they did. Not just because they are old but because of a little known fact, the EVA foam that they are made of breaks down over time. Not just from wear but from just sitting around in a closet or on a shelf! So if you go and get a pair on sale from a department store, that pair of shoes may be 1 - 3 years sitting around since being manufactured. Either way, give your feet the same fresh start you are giving your body. Something NO ONE ever said, “I wish I had never bought those new running shoes!” Shop a local running store that will stand behind their service and product with a generous warranty.

2) Don’t do too much too soon! Start with a run/walk/run program doing intervals. You may be walking a lot at first but that’s OK! If you were doing long distances before and never walking at all, it doesn’t mean you should start out that way. Depending on your lay off, there may be weight gain, muscle loss and/or mobility loss. Don’t push it only to be sidelined with an injury that will result in you being back where you started and the goal to get BACK in shape for 2018 is gone. Listen to your body and you can’t go wrong getting started again.

3) Have an accountability partner! Maybe even a running buddy. This will help you in many ways and one of the most important is to keep you motivated towards your goal. There are running groups all over the South Side so there is no excuse to go at this alone. One area of warning, don’t feel like you have to be as fast or do the same workouts as your accountability partner. Find a running buddy that is along your same skill level and that will encourage you. You could hire an accountability partner. There are running coaches that will help you achieve and meet your goals. Bottom line, have someone who knows what you are doing and that understands why you are doing it. They should be your biggest FAN! 

Here’s a list of running groups in the area:

4) Get stronger! Just pounding the pavement will result in just that if you are not doing some good body weight exercises to strengthen your hips and core. You wouldn’t fire a canon from a canoe, why? Because you will sink the canoe, it’s not strong enough to stabilize the power of the canon. It’s the same with your hips and core. They need to be strong and stable enough to support the repetitive action of the strongest part of your body (your legs). The best part, this should only take 10-15 mins/day and two/three times a week to do. If you’d like to know what exactly to do, email me at and I’d be happy to send you a workout sheet or stop by the store NEWSole Running and pick one up.

5) Good form! This was discussed on my last blog at length. The goal is to stay healthy and happy in 2018 and a good exercise program can help get you there!

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