Are you a seasoned runner pounding the footpaths or a fitness bunny who’s a regular at the gym? However you stay on top of your health, Altra shoes keep going for as long as you do.

For an experience beyond conventional running shoes, the Altra range nurtures feet while doing the hard work to keep up with you. From hiking on rugged terrain to running long distances, Altra shoes are designed to be high-performance while keeping your feet well-supported.

Lift heavy weights, go for a long walk, or a quick run in the Altra collection with style on your side. Versatile for every day while keeping you relaxed and comfortable, our selection brings you shoes that respect feet and help you stay fit in the way that you want.

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Your Year To Run: Altra 2023 Running Shoes

Whether you’re a road runner, trail walker, or gym-goer, the Altra shoe collection gives your feet the comfort they need for a high-quality workout experience. From walking in all weathers and mixed terrain to hot and sweaty home workouts, provide your feet with a healthy environment, a solid base of support, and a natural toe splay.

Looking to ramp up your fitness goal? Our selection of Altra shoes gives you everything you need to get started. To level up your fitness, a pair of Altra shoes will boost your training needs — build up your gains, run that park run or blast through boot camp with Altra shoes.

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Designed For Ultra-Comfort: Altra Shoes

Let your feet function the way nature intended with Altra Running shoes. Designed to accommodate a natural toe spread with a wide toe area and sufficient base of support, your feet stay in top shape for optimal performance. Widest at the ends of the shoes, Altra Running shoes stand out against other sports shoes — perfect for people with wide feet.

The added feature of zero drop elevation allows feet the ultra-comfort and support they need for high-performance training. With a zero drop elevation, there’s no heel or toe spring allowing your feet the best possible base for stability. Reduce pressure on your feet by encouraging a natural arch when you wear Altra’s shoes.

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