Newton Running Shoes: Made for Runners, by Runners

Founded in Boulder, Colorado, Newton Running sold its first pair of shoes at the 2007 Ironman 70.3 event in California. With innovative technology that’s designed for running, triathletes were among the first athletes to embrace the brand's technology. While other brands focused on a variety of shoes, Newton Running earned its reputation by focusing on one running shoe that was designed to improve gait efficiency and running stride.

From first-time runners to seasoned marathon enthusiasts, Newton Running shoes feature patented Action/Reaction technology that provides improved ground feel, heel-to-toe drop, shock absorption, energy return, and comfort!

At Newsole Running, our selection of Newton Running shoes includes targeted performance-oriented runners for both men and women.

Newton Running Shoes: A Leader in Sustainability

Committed to sustainability, Newton Running helps promote a sustainable future. In recent years, sustainability has become a central focus of the brand, as they recognized that the consumption of running shoes leads to a significant amount of waste.

In an effort to increase the sustainability of their shoes, Newton Running looked at each component of the shoe and identified opportunities for improvement. The soles of running shoes are traditionally made from petroleum products, which can take over 50 years to biodegrade. Newton Running innovated the traditional running shoe design by incorporating an additive called EcoPure into its sole, which works to accelerate the biodegradation process. They also use compostable shoe boxes and craft every single pair of running shoes with an upper that’s made from recycled bottles! This means that a pair of Newton Running shoes can take as little as 10 years to biodegrade.

Shop Newton Running shoes today at Newsole Running and discover performance-oriented running shoes that are sustainable and designed for runners by runners!