Walking Shoes

Treat yourself to a lighter than air walking experience with these women’s shoes. You have your path to follow, and these shoes are here to provide you the proper support while you follow it. The best companions for wherever you go.


YGreat for the city-woman on the move. On’s Cloudswift is the best match for urban exploration with built in road protection. Made to take the hard impact surfaces that make the city, these shoes carry you over roads and sidewalks with consistent durability.

Cloud 5

The laceless design lets you glide into your Cloud 5’s and head out the front door in seconds, and just as easily kick them off when you’re ready to relax. On’s running shoes are made for the ultimate comfort, with pods built into the shoe that help you bounce as you move.


The Cloudmonster isn’t afraid to be different. Sporting a huge amount of cushion, this shoe guarantees the best energy return. Embrace this bold design, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. On’s Cloudmonster is a durable, high performance shoe with a whole lot of personality.


The feeling of walking on air, right on your feet, On’s Cloudgo brings a cushioned feeling you’re bound to love as you glide through your day.

Cloud X

You’ve got goals to smash, and the Cloud X is here to help whether it's running, workouts, or sports. Efficiency and versatility mingle to make a shoe that’s capable of taking whatever you throw at it - just like you.


The Cloudstratus is all cushion, all the way for reaching all of your distance goals. A luxurious treat for any hard working feet.


Lightweight enough that you’ll forget you have them on while still protecting you from the elements, the HFS embodies the idea of “natural fit” with every detail. The HFS series of shoes are top of the line when it comes to ease of movement.

Vibram V-Alpha

Enjoy the dexterity that nature gave you to its fullest. The V-Alpha fits your foot shape like a glove, giving you plenty of grip that you can feel in your soles. Walk and train with these to get all the benefits of a protective shoe, with all the freedom of being barefoot.

Torin 5 Luxe

Sometimes sleek and straightforward is all you need. The Luxe is an all-in-one experience, with the perfect amount of cushion and breathability. Great for grabbing and going, it’s a simple solution for an uncomplicated life.


Aptly named after our home state, the Colorado is your companion through any trail. This all-in-one shoe is lightweight and supports your natural motion. It’s water friendly too, so you can expand your explorations!

Lady Isaac

From a walk around the block to a jog in the park, you’ll be moving with confidence with the Lady Isaac. There’s a lot to love here that’s easy to appreciate for any foot type and need.

VIA Olympus

Perfect for when you need to go that extra distance, the VIA Olympus matches every step you take. Plush, lightweight, and with plenty of space for you to naturally move, you’ll cover miles in style with these shoes.


For when you want to get back to training and don’t want to overthink it, the Ultrafly is the choice to strap on. Let these roomy, sustainably made shoes carry you through your routine.


The Magnifly tackles harsh roads so you don’t have to. Walk the streets with confidence, knowing the dense yet flexible soles of the Magnifly are giving back plenty of support with each step.


For when you need an all-arounder that still performs at a high level. The Phantom seamlessly carries you from the rough track back to an easy neighborhood walk.

CVT Hemp

Super casual and super comfy, the CVT Hemp makes use of your natural foot shape. The result is a shoe that’s responsive and lets you feel the world under you, all while providing a supportive layer. Great for indoors and outdoors alike.