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Power through workouts, lift confidently and make every workout your best one yet. Gym shoes hold the ability to improve your workouts and yield better results. Lace-up and pump out that workout!

At Newsole Running, our selection of men’s gym shoes includes high-performance designs from the best brands, including Newton Running, On Running, Altra Running, and Vibram FiveFingers.

Men’s Gym Shoes for Striding Confidently and Lifting Heavier

With the right pair of gym shoes, you’ll feel light on your feet and ready to crush your workout. Above all else, gym shoes should be comfortable! Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and perfectly fitted, gym shoes expertly combine cushioning with lightweight soles and modest support. Feel grounded, stable, and balanced as you reach new heights!

Experience the versatility of men’s gym shoes. Whether you’re performing a variety of HIIT exercises, boxing, lifting weights, indoor cycling, or walking on the treadmill, gym shoes are designed to do it all. Gym shoes provide restriction-free comfort that facilitates your foot's natural movement and allows you to perform your best. Jump higher, pump harder, and hustle for gains, discover the advantages of high-quality gym shoes.

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What is the difference between running shoes and gym shoes?

Running shoes feature a stiff sole with a high degree of support and are designed for the typical heel-to-toe movement involved in running. By contrast, gym shoes feature a flexible sole with modest support, which is designed for multi-lateral movements. Gym shoes offer more versatility, allowing the wearer to perform a wide range of activities. For gym workouts that involve weight lifting, strength training, and HIIT exercises, gym shoes are the ideal choice!