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Changing the Way You Think About Running

At NEWSole Running, you can find the shoes and education you need to help you run naturally while achieving proper alignment, balance, and cadence.
Here, we are focused on helping you become a healthier runner. You'll find the latest products backed by expert advice from people who live and breathe natural running!
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    Pain-Free and Injury-Free Running

Tired of pain while running or have injuries that seem to linger? With natural running, you're less likely to have either. You'll run the way your body was designed to run!
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Comprehensive Gait Analysis

Our team will evaluate your foot type as well as the anatomy and biomechanics of your feet. With this information, we can help you select the ideal pair of shoes for you and your lifestyle.
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More Than Selling Shoes

We are so much more than a natural running shoe store. Here, you'll get one-on-one attention that you won't find online. Our service makes the difference.
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Natural Running Center
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