Injinji Inc.

Injinji Toe Socks for Health and Performance

Injinji is a California-based toe sock company with a passion for foot health. Dedicated to the health and performance of feet, the brand was born in 1999 from the desire to innovate and make adventuring more comfortable.

Injinji toe socks are performance-oriented toe socks that offer an anatomic, dry, and second-skin-like fit. Designed to re-think the athletic experience and help athletes’ feet feel happier and healthier, Injinji sought to create the most innovative fitness socks ever.

From conception, Injinji toe socks were created with a five-toe sleeve, anti-friction and seamless design, and freedom that allows its wearer to benefit from a natural toe splay in any pair of shoes.

Injinji Toe Socks for Running

Injinji socks are designed for running! Their patented design allows each toe to move freely, allowing you to run on uneven terrain with ease. Let your toes splay freely without restricting movement. The toe sock design protects your toes from friction by reducing rubbing and chafing, leading to fewer blisters.

Built-in support and cushioning protects feet and optimizes performance for running. Integrated arch support contributes to optimal foot articulation and toe splay when running, while the cushioned heel tabs keep socks in place. Injinji toe socks are designed to fit like a glove. With intentionally placed support and cushioning, socks stay in place and contribute to improved running performance.

Injinji socks are available in a variety of styles and weights for all seasons. Temperature regulation, moisture-wicking, and odor control are essential to optimized performance. With COOLMAX technology and the use of natural fibers like merino wool, Injinji works to protect foot health and deliver exceptional performance.

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