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Athletic socks are an essential component in any athletic wardrobe. Rarely seen but always felt, athletic socks are designed with comfort and movement in mind. Whether you’re hitting the gym, playing sports, or running distance, athletic socks possess the performance-oriented features you need to keep going.

Socks are arguably just as important as the shoes you wear. Even with the best pair of shoes, low-quality socks can reduce your performance and experience. Athletic socks feature moisture-wicking technology that is designed to keep feet dry throughout rigorous activities. Moisture-wicking technology is essential to athletic performance. Athletic socks draw moisture away from the feet, reducing the risk of blisters, foot odor, and bacteria growth.

Benefit from targeted support and cushioning. Athletic socks feature intentionally placed supportive compression and cushioning that enhances circulation and reduces fatigue. Made with durable fibers, athletic socks can withstand rigorous workouts and endure the test of time.

Socks for All Kinds of Activities

Depending on the type of activity you engage in, you might benefit from different styles of athletic socks. With no-show socks, ankle socks, and toe socks, our selection offers athletic socks for all types of shoes and activities.

Ever wonder what people wear under their FiveFinger toe shoes?

Toe socks layer effortlessly under toe shoes, wicking away moisture and protecting your feet from blisters, chafing, odor, and bacteria growth.

No matter what style of shoe you choose, athletic socks possess the ability to prolong the life of your shoes and protect your feet. With high-quality athletic socks, you’ll be able to exercise, run, or play with comfort and ease.

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