The Best Shoes for Standing All Day: A Buyers Guide

If you work in hospitality, retail, or healthcare, you’re likely someone who spends the majority of their day standing on their feet. And, when you’re spending up to and over 8 hours on your feet in one shift, a good pair of supportive shoes is essential.


The right pair of shoes possess the ability to improve your standing endurance, posture and alignment, and comfort! And, choosing a pair of shoes for standing all day doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. In this guide, we’ll cover the best shoes for standing all day.

Evaluating Shoes for Standing All Day

When you’re looking for the best shoes for standing all day, it’s important to understand that the best types of shoes are those that are comfortable, supportive, and offer plenty of cushioning.

Comfort First

Comfort is king when you’re spending a significant amount of time on your feet. Choose a shoe that has a plush sock liner that can offer a soft landing with every step.


Look for: plush sock liners


Avoid: narrow toe boxes and shoes that are too tight


Support is the most important factor when determining what makes a good pair of shoes for standing all day.


Look for shoes that have proper arch support and a stable heel counter. A soft outsole is also beneficial as it will offer you a soft landing with every step, whereas a hard sole will force the impact of each footfall back up through your body.


Look for: shoes made of TPU, featuring a robust heel counter, and arch support


Avoid: shoes made from lightweight and flimsy materials


Cushioning goes hand-in-hand with comfort. When a shoe is cushioned, it will feel soft underneath your foot and absorb a significant amount of shock with each step.


Look for shoes that have plenty of underfoot cushioning. Shoes featuring gel cushioning or midsoles are especially beneficial.


Look for: Foam midsoles and GEL technologies


Avoid: minimal shoes

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

We carefully evaluated our collection of footwear and identified a few that are more than simply comfortable. The reality is all of our shoes at Newsole Running offer comfort, but some go above and beyond to offer immense support and cushioning making them the best shoes for standing all day.

On Running: Cloud Shoe

On Running Women's Cloud 5

The On Running Cloud running shoe is a fantastic option for anyone in search of a good all-day standing shoe. And, at Newsole Running, we have several variations of this shoe available, including men's and women's versions.


What makes the On Running cloud shoes such a great standing shoe is its impressive cushioning features. In the midsole, it features On Running’s CloudTec cushioning technology. This technology creates a plush cushioning system that makes for an incredibly soft underfoot feel making them some of the best shoes for standing all day.


The shoe also features breathable antimicrobial mesh fabrics that make these shoes light, airy, and perfect for anyone planning to spend all day on their feet.


Overall, the On Running Cloud shoes are a top choice for anyone in need of a good standing shoe.

XERO ShoesXeroShoes Men's HFS

Whether you’re working or simply spending a day out and about, XERO shoes are an excellent option for those who spend the majority of their day on their feet


Thanks to its unique design, the HFS (highly flexible insole) encourages the feet to remain in the optimum position for as long as possible. This means less strain and fatigue as you move throughout your day. The shoe has a wide toe box allowing your toes to spread and its flexible insole provides the most natural and lightweight feel! 


In terms of materials, they use breathable, moisture-wicking mesh fabrics, making them great for all-day wear.

ALTRA Torin Running ShoesAltra Women's Torin 6

This list wouldn't be complete without a pair of ALTRA running shoes. Known for their extreme cushioning, the Torin running shoes from ALTRA are one of the first shoes that come to mind when someone asks for a good standing shoe.


The Torin 7 is the most cushioned version of ALTRA's Torin running shoe to date. It features the thickest ALTRA EGO MAX foam midsole that provides a light and luxurious experience. For those looking for the best shoes for standing all day, the Torin 7 offers extreme underfoot cushioning making for an incredibly comfortable standing and walking experience. 


What’s more, the mesh upper offers a snug and lightweight fit. And, the outsole features a durable rubber that makes the shoe perfect for everyday wear. At Newsole Running, we have men's and women's versions of the ALTRA Torin running shoes available now.

Topo Athletic UltraventureTopo Athletic Men’s Ultraventure 3

The Topo Athletic Ultraventure running shoe is known for its universal comfort and is suitable for a variety of activities, including everyday wear and long-distance running. At Newsole Running, we carry a variety of iterations of the Topo Athletic Ultraventure running shoe for both men and women. 


What makes the Topo Athletic Ultraventure shoe a great standing shoe is its balanced and soft cushioning. The Ultraventure 3 is their plushiest and lightest weight version, offering maximum cushioning and underfoot comfort. This cushioning offers super-soft transitions and maximum comfort with every step.


A great feature of the Topo Athletic Ultraventure running shoe is its vibram outsole, which offers durability and traction! Slick floors and concrete are no match for the grippy vibram sole on these shoes. 


If you spend the majority of your day on your feet, it’s important that you have a good pair of shoes. When we say a good pair, we mean shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and well-cushioned.


All of the options mentioned above make for great shoes for standing all day. What they each have in common are cushioning, comfort, and a lightweight build so that you’ll never feel weighed down! 

If you need more advice on finding the best shoes for standing all day, feel free to contact our team here at Newsole Running. Our team of experts is always available to help both online and in-store!