How to Train for the Peachtree Road Race 2024

The Peachtree Road Race is the world's largest 10K race, and every year, thousands of participants take to the streets of Atlanta to run! Since its inception in 1970, the Peachtree Road Race has been a staple race in the running community. The race is held annually on July 4th, and the 2024 race will mark the 55th running of the iconic Atlanta race. 

The 2024 Peachtree Road Race is expected to be the largest Peachtree Road Race in history, beating the 2023 race, which attracted 45,000 participants, the largest in the race's history.

Every Atlanta runner looks forward to the Peachtree Road Race. Whether you are a seasoned runner or a beginner, the race is something that every runner should experience at least once. The race is not only a great time, but it is also a great way to stay motivated and maintain your fitness during the warm summer months. 

In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about training for the Peachtree Road Race 2024. We will discuss the race course, training tips, and the best shoes for the race.


Peachtree Road Race Course 

AJC Peachtree Road Race - Atlanta, GA - 7/4/2024 - My BEST Runs - Worlds  Best Road Races

The Peachtree Road Race course is 6.2 miles long, and it starts at Lenox Square and ends at Piedmont Park. The race is held on July 4th, and it is known for its challenging course. The race course is relatively hilly, especially for Atlanta. There are several significant hills along the course, including Cardiac Hill at mile 3.5. 

The race starts on Peachtree Road at Lenox Square, and it heads down Peachtree Road towards downtown Atlanta. The course then turns left onto 10th Street and takes a left onto Juniper Street. From Juniper Street, the course turns onto 10th Street, and then it takes a left onto Charles Allen Drive. After a right onto 14th Street, the course turns left onto Piedmont Avenue and finally makes a right into Piedmont Park. 

The race course is challenging due to the rolling hills along the course. The race starts at an elevation of 1,050 feet and finishes at 1,050 feet, and it reaches an elevation of 1,125 feet at its highest point. The race course is slightly downhill for the first 3 miles, with the exception of an uphill at mile 1.5. However, the race course becomes challenging at mile 3.5, where runners encounter Cardiac Hill. Cardiac Hill is a .2-mile uphill with a grade of 8.4%. 

The course then descends into Piedmont Park for the final .7 miles. The downhill finish in Piedmont Park makes for a fast finish, but runners must navigate the challenging hills leading into the park. In this next section, we will cover some tips for training for the Peachtree Road Race 2024.


Tips for the Peachtree Road Race Training

Training for a 10K race is different from training for a marathon. A 10K race is shorter than a half marathon or marathon but also faster. The Peachtree Road Race is held in July, which means that runners will be training through the hot summer months. Here are a few training tips to help you prepare for the Peachtree Road Race 2024.


1. Build Mileage Gradually

When training for a 10K race, you will need to build your mileage gradually. If you are a beginner runner, you should start with a base mileage of 15-20 miles per week. If you are an experienced runner, you can start with a base mileage of 20-25 miles per week. 

Each week, you will want to increase your mileage by 10-15%. For example, if you are starting at 15 miles per week, you can increase your mileage by 1.5-2.25 miles the following week.


2. Incorporate Speed Work

Speed work is an essential part of training for a 10K race. The Peachtree Road Race is a 10K race, which means that it is shorter than a half marathon or marathon. Training for a 10K race requires a mix of endurance and speed. Speed work workouts can include intervals, tempo runs, and hill repeats.


3. Train on Hills

The Peachtree Road Race is known for its challenging hills. Training on hills is a great way to prepare for the race course. While you may not have a hill that matches the intensity of Cardiac Hill, you can still train on hills to build strength.


4. Train in the Heat

Training in the heat is essential for preparing for the Peachtree Road Race. The race is held in July, which means that even though the race starts in the early morning, it will likely be hot and humid. 


5. Join a Running Group

At Newsole Running, a variety of running groups from the Atlanta area meet at our store in McDonough, Georgia. And, don’t forget that you can also take running clinics with Dave! Check out our coaching opportunities and our running in Georgia blog to learn more about how you can get involved. 


The Best Shoes for the Peachtree Road Race

Investing in the right shoes is essential for your training. The right shoes can help prevent injury, keep you comfortable, and improve your performance. The best shoes for the Peachtree Road Race are lightweight and responsive. Lightweight shoes will help you maintain speed, while responsive cushioning will help you feel the road and navigate the hills. Here are a few of our favorite shoes for the Peachtree Road Race. 


On Running CloudEclipse Shoes

On Running Women's CloudEclipse

The On Running CloudEclipse is an excellent running shoe to wear for the Peachtree Road Race. This shoe is a great option for runners who are looking for a lightweight, cushioned shoe that will provide them with the support they need to run a 10K. 


 Altra VIA Olympus 2 Shoes

Altra Women’s VIA Olympus 2

The Altra VIA Olympus 2 shoes are a great option to wear for the race because they offer a high level of cushioning, support, and comfort. These shoes are designed to help you run longer and more comfortably. The Altra VIA Olympus 2 shoes have a breathable and lightweight construction that will keep your feet cool as you run. 


Topo Phantom 3

Topo Athletic Men's Phantom 3

The Topo Phantom 3 is a great shoe to wear for the Peachtree Road Race because of its lightweight and breathable design. They feature a 30mm x 25mm stack height and a 5mm drop, which makes them a great shoe for both race day and training!


Final Thoughts

Preparing for the Peachtree Road Race 2024 requires dedication, smart training, and the right gear. As the world's largest 10K race, it presents both a thrilling opportunity and a challenge to runners of all levels. Understanding the course, with its notorious hills and exhilarating finish, is crucial for developing a training plan that builds strength and endurance.

Training for the Peachtree Road Race demands a balance of mileage buildup, speed work, hill training, and acclimatization to the summer heat. Engaging with running groups and seeking expert guidance can provide invaluable support and motivation along the journey.

Equally important is selecting the right shoes to carry you through the race. Lightweight, responsive, and supportive footwear can enhance performance while minimizing the risk of injury. Discover our selection of running shoes online today at Newsole Running or visit us in-store and join us for a run in preparation for the 2024 Peachtree Road Race!