Massager/Foam Rollers

Release and Re-Energize with Massagers and Foam Rollers

Foam rollers and massagers are essential to post-workout recovery. Offering a range of benefits, athletes, runners, and even dancers have begun adding these tools to their recovery toolkit!

Release tight muscles and speed up recovery! Massagers and foam rollers work by releasing tight muscles that contribute to post-workout soreness. Say goodbye to painful muscle knots! Foam rollers and massagers put pressure on tight spots and increase blood circulation, working to release tension and facilitate recovery.

Bounce back quicker! By increasing the blood circulation to areas of tension, your muscles will be fueled with the oxygen they need to recover, meaning you’ll be ready for activity in no time.

Foam Rollers and Massagers for Injury Prevention

Reduce muscle tension and prevent injuries. While massagers and foam rollers release muscle tension, they also break down scar tissue and improve muscle elasticity. Flexibility is an essential component of injury prevention.

Optimize muscle performance by releasing areas of tension. When one area of our body is particularly tight or sore, other muscle groups step in to compensate, leading to overcompensation and overuse. Chronic overuse is one of the most common sports-related injuries.

Take care of your muscles and release tension with a massager or foam roller. Regular use of these tools should be considered an integral part of every athlete’s recovery maintenance routine. With regular use, athletes can benefit from reduced post-workout inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Get back to the activities you enjoy most and improve your quality of life by reducing post-exercise downtime!

At Newsole Running, our selection of massagers and foam rollers includes high-tech options that pack a serious punch. Don’t let stiff muscles hold you back, massage them out and get back to the activities you love most!