Shop our Selection of Women’s Sandals at Newsole Running

Warmer weather means ditching the boots and breaking free of restrictive footwear. Discover the comfort and freedom of our women’s sandal selection, offering comfort and breathability. Whether you need a pair of sandals for long walking days, or a water-resistant pair to take you from land to water, at Newsole Running, we’ve got it all.

Sandals are the ultimate spring/summer footwear. Allowing your feet the freedom to spread to their naturally intended state and breathe. Not only that, our sandals are meant for an active lifestyle. They offer performance that prioritizes a natural comfortable feel, stability, grip, and balance.

At Newsole Running, we’re proud to offer Xero and OOfos women’s sandals, which bring you a range of sandals that offer comfort, recovery, and support, no matter where life takes you.

Explore our selection today to find a pair of sandals durable and comfortable enough to keep up with your busy spring/summer lifestyle!


Are OOfos sandals waterproof?

Yes! We know that people who choose OOfos live an active life and value versatile sandals that can keep up with their lifestyle. So, if you need a pair of sandals for the changing room shower, pool, beach, or even rainy day, OOfos sandals are the perfect choice. OOfos women’s sandals are also totally worry-free. If they get muddy, just throw them in the washing machine then let them air-dry for a good as new look!

Are Mono Luna Sandals designed for running?

Yes. These sandals are designed to do it all. Lounging around, going for walks outdoors, and running, these sandals are the ultimate all-in-one solution for active lifestyles. Not only that, they were even voted best running sandals! They’re stable and secured with adjustable straps, meaning they’ll stay in place, and they’ll go where you go!