Barefoot Science

Barefoot Science: For Strengthening and Rehabilitating Your Feet

For over 20 years Barefoot Science has been dedicated to strengthening and rehabilitating the feet of the world. As the world’s first-ever in-shoe rehabilitative system, Barefoot Science sought to strengthen feet and provide a permanent solution to both muscular and alignment problems that are known to be the leading cause of injuries.

Barefoot Science insoles have been endorsed by medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, expert fitness coaches, and the UK’s National Health Service as a trusted alternative to traditional orthotics and braces. Not only that but they’re also the preferred choice of professional athletes, with 50% of pro golfers and 40 members of the U.S. Olympic track team wearing Barefoot Science insoles.

Behind the Barefoot Science

Barefoot Science insoles come with 6 different inserts for mid-arch stimulation. These inserts are meant to be used in progression, starting with the smallest and gradually increasing in size. The dome shape that the inserts create stimulates the proprioceptive system through the plantar surface of the foot. This stimulation of the proprioceptive system is known to improve alignment and posture. Step into a pair of Barefoot Science insoles and feel the difference for yourself. Feel taller and more aligned from the first use!

Improve your athletic performance with Barefoot Science insoles. For runners and athletes, Barefoot Science insoles are proven to reduce contact time, therefore increasing running efficiency and performance. It is also extremely effective at reducing injury. Athletic injuries tend to occur as a result of asymmetry in contact time when running or moving. Barefoot Science insoles reduce both contact time and asymmetry, thereby helping athletes perform better while simultaneously reducing their risk of injury.

At Newsole Running, our selection of Barefoot Science includes both 3/4 and full-length insoles. Shop Barefoot Science online today or visit us in-store and try them for yourself!