Free From Diets by Ty Walcott

If you missed being here last night you missed a good one and you missed seeing Mr. Joe Walcott (Ty's Grandfather) who turned 100 yrs old today (April 19th, 2019)! It was a pleasure having a centurion in the store but even more was finding out about how he eats, exercises and enjoys life.

Ty's presentation was simple, leave the fad diets alone, although there are good things about them all, and stick to eating what we grow and not processed foods. This doesn't mean being a vegetarian, but sourcing the right fruits, vegetables and meats can be a game changer and a catalyst to living a longer, healthier life.

Ty's book is available on Amazon and here at the store for $8. Here's the link to Amazon for the book:

Enjoy the video and we hope the content is as exciting to you as it was to us.

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